Yacht racing sails

When it comes to yacht racing sails we at Moatt Sails understand there is a plethora of factors that go into the decision process of which sail to go for. Performance, Longevity, ease of use, price all play there part and to help to match your performance aspirations to your budget we offer a range of sail specifications.

Club race

Based on Dacron style fabrics these sails are designed to give economic racing around the cans and will perform well enough to give you the opportunity to pick up some silverware at your club’s annual prize giving whilst being durable and forgiving enough to give many seasons of good service




These sails are designed to help you meet the Mayor (or other local dignitary) come the close of the regatta. Getting on the podium requires a little more engineering in the construction. Selecting from high spec Dacron or Polyester laminates we make these sails to perform.



Grand Prix

At this point we are looking at stronger, lighter aramid and carbon laminate or harder wearing Dyneema sailcloths. Let’s be honest, these sails need to be treated with respect an that is why we engineer them with radial panels and load spreading radial patches throughout. Extra reinforcement and attention to corner detailing as required .



Membrane sails

We offer Membranes which produce lightweight strong sails for a range of applications. With patches laminated into the corners these modern membrane sails are strong with good resistance to delamination problems of the past

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What ever your racing aspirations we would be delighted to talk to you and advise on which sail will best meet your need. All enquiries are warmly welcomed so please call on 01305 824254 if you need a quote or advice.