Moatt sails win the German IC national championship

Moatt sails are proud to announce that Frederick Steimann recently won the German International canoe national championship using our sails. In a closely contested series, Fredy finished in first place just three points ahead of, another Moatt sails customer, Simon Beers. Congratulations to Fredy and Simon on a great series. What the customer said – […]

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Sailmaking Undertaken

The ideal sailmaker’s vehicle?

My wife was out “with the girls from work” the other night, so I watched Kingsman on Netflix for the third time. A great film and every time I watch it I am impressed that, from his umbrella to his plane, a Kingsman always has the right piece of equipment for the job.  It’s similar […]

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Well, that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped….

How prophetic changes to pathetic.

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Christmas and New Year

Monday 23rd December Open 8:30 – 5:30 Tuesday 24th December Closed   Wednesday 25th December Closed   Thursday 26th December Closed   Friday 27th December Closed   Saturday 28th December Closed   Sunday 29th December Closed   Monday 30th December Open 8:30 – 5:30 Tuesday 31st December Open 8:30 – 5:30 Wednesday 1st January Closed […]

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“Years of life left in that…..”

Hmmm…. Ah….Yes…But surely, there’s years of life left in that yet? At this time of year we occasionally have to have that difficult conversation with a customer who has brought their sails in for a winter overhaul. After another enjoyable season they look slightly dumbfounded when we look at the sails and suck air through […]

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BloodHound and Dave at Oxford

All action at end of season event 2019. Oxford sailing club

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My boat doesn’t “go” in light airs

It’s a comment I hear quite often and while most competitive sailing events will not start a race under a certain wind strength, during club racing or long offshore races, boats are quite often sailing in less than five knots of true wind. Leaving some owners wondering how to get their boats around a racecourse. […]

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Moatt sail win at International Canoe Nationals

Congratulations to Alistair Warren on winning the 2019 International Canoe UK national championships. The weather during the event was certainly a mixed bag but Saturday gave Champagne sailing conditions. Alistair was sailing his own design, “Dragonfly” powered by Moatt Sails.   Meanwhile another Moatt sails customer, Chris Hampe (pictured below), sailed to victory in the week […]

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Membrane sails – The future of sailmaking?

Moatt sails recently gained the ability to offer membrane sails to our racing customers, particularly those who are looking to get the strength to weight advantages that these sails offer. I was asked to look at a boat owners sail inventory and recommend a sail that would improve his boats light airs performance without impacting […]

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2018 Autumn Update

Moatt sails Newsletter Autumn 2018 Hello and welcome to our autumn update.   We hope that you had a successful season and have enjoyed some great sailing whatever your passion.   Over the season Moatt sails have proven themselves on the race course, offshore and on extended cruises. We are able to offer a wide […]

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