Moatt sails win the German IC national championship

Moatt sails are proud to announce that Frederick Steimann recently won the German International canoe national championship using our sails.

In a closely contested series, Fredy finished in first place just three points ahead of, another Moatt sails customer, Simon Beers.

Congratulations to Fredy and Simon on a great series.

What the customer said –

“I’m totally happy with my boat at the moment I was able to point really high and be fast at the same time, even with that full jib.  I can’t wait to sail international again. Best regards and thanks for the fast sails.”

Frederick Steimann July 2020

The video below show’s Fredy’s Mum, Annette, taking Fredy’s boat for a spin…I don’t think she was stealing it….

For more information on Moatt IC sails please contact Richard at the loft or by calling 07795 025611



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