Dependable Cruising Sails

One definition of Cruising is “to sail from place to place, as for pleasure or reconnaissance.” There is no doubt that the peace and tranquility experienced once the mooring has been slipped and the wind is providing all the drive is fantastic. The ability to explore a new section of coastline or make a successful passage make the experience all the more worthwhile.

To ensure the experience remains enjoyable, Moatt sails offer a range of sails to match your aspirations. Whether it’s local coastal cruising, dashing across the channel for a weekend of white wine and moules marinières or setting of for a Blue Water adventure let us work with you on deciding the correct sail specification made and finished to the appropriate standard.

One the specification is agreed, our sail design program, which is the same as that we use for our racing sails incidentally, allows us to tailor the sails to your specific requirements. Our in house plotter will then deliver spot-on accuracy before the customised sewing machines are used to sew  everything to the high standards that you expect and we insist on.

For more information on specific sail styles please follow links below:

Fully Battened Mainsail
Fully Battened Mainsail
Sailmaker : Moatt sails Roller Furling Genoa

All enquiries are warmly welcomed so please call on 01305 824254 if you need a quote or some advice.