Terms and Conditions

PAYMENT TERMS: Please pay within 10 days of the invoice date regardless of any agreed winter storage.

WINTER STORAGE/OVERHAUL: Our ‘Early Bird’ offer is for launder and overhaul of Sails and Covers booked in from 1st Oct to 31st Dec. This offer includes free winter storage. These items must be collected by April 30th or may incur extra charges.

SAIL REPAIRS: For general sail repairs your items must be collected within 2 weeks of the invoice date. You may be charged for storage beyond these 2 weeks @ £5 per item per week.

NEW SAILS: New sails may be invoiced in advance of work commencing to obtain a deposit. Balance to be paid on completion of job and items to be collected by arrangement with Moatt Sails.

Moatt Sails has the right to dispose of your items if you have not made contact within 12 months of the invoice date.

Please call if you have any questions