Fully battened mainsail

The addition of full length battens to a mainsail design has some very clear advantages and is a great choice for the cruising sailor. However there are also some drawbacks which need to be considered. In this article we will discuss those pros and cons in and effort to help you decide if they are an option for you.

Shape that is smoother than Fox in a D.J.

Prime among the advantages, full length battens definitely smooth the shape of the sail. By pushing the leech away from the luff the tension in the battens effective removes lateral creases and forms a fair aerofoil shape.


There are various methods available of finishing the front end of a batten pocket.  The simplest is a webbing connection from a plastic batten box to a slide.  This works well for a budget sail but has the drawback that the batten can push the luff of the sail forward and ultimatley hit the mast.



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