Monkey after last nats raceWe have over 60 years of design experience between us. We can produce race-winning sails as well as strong, reliable, good-looking cruising sails. We work hard to ensure a high-quality finish. Our new flexible sail design program and plotter gives spot-on accuracy time and time again.

We moved into our new loft in 2011 and during the 2012 Olympic sailing events we were the main sailmaker, servicing the sails of all the competing nations.

The loft team have a lot of experience in making both cruising and racing sails for dinghies and yachts. Machines are the highest quality, We have the most up-to-date sail design software and our designers are of world championship and Olympic pedigree.

We are very proud of the finish of all our sails and a lot if attention is given to cloth choice, patch size, batten pocket construction and corner detail. Our sails are durable, perform well and look great.

Winter overhauls and discounted laundry

We offer a reliable and thorough winterising service from 1st October to 31st March. This involves laundry at 20% discount (from £4.80 to £3.80 per kilo), followed by inspection and overhaul. Free inspection and storage is offered to all those who bring their sails in to the loft by the 20 December.

All enquiries are warmly welcomed so please call on 01305 824254 if you need a quote or some advice.